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About Us

SADDLES is renowned for manufacturing high quality automotive seat covers in leather. We provide meticulously sourced Italian leather products to the largest automotive OEMs and luxury accessory customers, meeting their unique expectations..

SADDLES Mantra for success is our proximity to the customer, so our growth has accompanied the needs of the OEMs. This has resulted in our organisation being present in several countries and regions, while maintaining our Head office in the city of Bangalore India.

Development Centres

SADDLES development centres has enabled us to establish ourselves as business partners, whereby we offer all our expertise to the OEMs from the initial stages of product development itself as well as build a special relationship with our customers..

SADDLES offers

SADDLES offers in-house design and development service, customisation, small volumes manufacturing and mass-production. All our products are made in-house in our current 7 manufacturing units which are fully equipped with the best state of art technologies including the computerised airbag-stitching machine. Our experienced staff Makes perfectly crafted seat covers that have impeccable quality and come with 3 years of guarantee against manufacturing defects. When you buy SADDLES products, you are assured that it is of the finest quality that you’ll treasure.

Our Skills

Skill is in our hands and at SADDLES passionate local skilled people have been utilised and Empowered to produce more than 2,000 seat cover kits per day for some of the most prestigious brands in the automotive industry. With a multi - skilled workforce, SADDLES is able to provide flexible and organisational support systems to meet the exacting demands of the automotive, passenger aircraft and railway industries. We have a strong commitment to preserve and develop the specialist knowledge and craft skills of working on fine leather and fabric. This level of commitment is also applied to the use of the largest passenger cabin textiles.

Our partners

Our partners are our strength, we collaborate with some of the major importers in Europe and in Middle East.


QUALITY AT SADDLES means continuously optimising our products as well as our production processes. Our facilities are certified according to the highest standards of ISO TS 16949. We also adhere to a Quality Management System of TS16949 requirements and ISO 14001 environmental standard which are building blocks in the company’s pursuit of quality and excellence. In our quest for world class status, we have embarked upon a strategy to move away from a Defects detection philosophy to Defect Prevention. Constant improving and strengthening of our Team and shop floor empowerment is the culture in our Organisation and we are justifiably proud of it.


SADDLES Mission is to provide customers with the best available products in terms of quality,technical properties and costs..

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